Octav Cado Bio


I’m an artist! I’m a magician! I’m a thinker!

It’s immodest, but there’s nothing I can do because it’s true! My name is Kirill.

I flew to this fabulously magical island just a little while ago and my favorite hobby became a profession. Of course, one can suggest that four years are a long period of time, but for me, an unselfish fan of nature, freedom and good people, they flew by just like a minute, which was still enough for me to recharge with the energy of the island, absorb all the kindest and right emotions and perfect the skill of a good photographer.

And now I’m ready for the most important thing in my life. I’m ready to take photos for you. They will fill your soul with great memories and keep the warmth of our communication for a long time. A real photographer is the best friend.

Yours faithfully and looking forward to meeting you soon.

Octav Cado