Singapore and compulsory places to visit.

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Singapore photographer

As previously promised, I disclose the show topic due to which I wanted to return…

Singapore – from rags to riches

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сингапур фотограф

I have long wanted to visit it since my first visit, it was about 6…

How to Start a Blog

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Гонконг фотограф

Today most Instagram users are engaged in posts writing for certain reasons regardless of their…

About small progress

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пхукет фотограф

I caught myself thinking soon I’ll be able to put one more tick in my…

About islands life disadvantages

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пхукет фото

About Asian ninjas riding bikes and the islands life disadvantages. You saw them, did not…

Fashion shooting Koh Samui

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bali babes

Fashion photoshoot, this is the style Angelica and I chose at the preliminary meeting. The…

Beach wedding Koh Phangan

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koh phangan wedding

Despite the fact Koh Samui and Pha-ngan islands are close to each other, I choose…

Bali island – Pearl of Indonesia

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bali photo

Indonesia is the state in the Southeast Asia and the largest archipelago in the world….