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bali photo

Bali island – Pearl of Indonesia

20.05.2018 6

Indonesia is the state in the Southeast Asia and the largest archipelago in the world….

octav cado

Bali vs Samui

18.05.2018 2

I was going to write a small article about these 2 islands before the next…

бали фотограф

Bali photographer

16.05.2018 3

Hello everyone! 😉  This summer I will move to Bali again in order to provide…



27.11.2017 3

Hello again! I would like to share one more unrestrained passion with you. It’s…


unfinished hotel

06.11.2016 4

They say you must live a bright life to make bright pictures. I agree with…



26.10.2016 10

Whatever nice a place you live in is, from time to time you still want…