About Asian ninjas riding bikes and the islands life disadvantages.

You saw them, did not you? These strange people surprised me from the very beginning since I could see just their eyes of the whole face , only in case if they did not have sunglasses. I did not dare to talk to them despite my wish to. I thought even to drink to become more bold, but then there were a lot of difficulties

In general, I’ve chosen the classical method and asked my friends who were the new ones for me at the island. It turned the local people use bank the robber’s headdress to save themselves from the nuclear sun, despite they were born here. Yes, it is also a too much for asians + lots of people do everything to get the light skin, the same way we do this for the dark one. ⠀

While running around the tanning beds, they buy a lot of skin whitening cosmetics and have a night life to avoid vitamin D excess

I’m also belong to the people category who visit the beach to sunbathe. Although I visit it usually in the morning to play volleyball and in the evening to enjoy beer or hookah sunset

But at the same time, I always sunburn usually once a year despite living here. The day before yesterday I managed to fall asleep on the beach , my skin looks and feels awfully” Of course, the reasons are different, but the conclusion is the Asian sun has both pros and cons! Especially for those whose skin suffers from its excess.

Think about it if you are going to move to the island!

It was not a surprise for me since I considered this factor while moving. I am from Petersburg that’s why all was quite simple – I wish to have a lot of sun instead of having it just during 30 days a year! It is such an average statistic of high-grade sunny days in my city.

P.s. 30 days during a full year, but not just the summer
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