Prices for photo shoots on Samui

Sometimes people ask me: Why is the photographer’s services on Samui  are so expensive? To be honest, I seldom answer such questions. And not only because they are not polite, we do not ask such questions when we buy a phone or clothes ;).  I also do not consider them really expensive, for example, the average cost of a wedding photographer in Moscow is $2000, such a price tag on Samui will be very difficult to find. And perhaps the last of the main reasons:  those who really believe that the cost of a photo shoot on Samui is expensive, it is impossible to bring the answer in a single message, so I decided to disclose this topic a bit more!

Let’s start with the cost, it is usually formed based on the time of shooting. But do not assume that the photographer is taking you $100 for his hour of work. After shooting photographer is engaged in selection of photos, their processing, both in color, and in retouching. And it all takes much more time than the shooting itself.

Any professional photographer uses professional technique (camera, lenses, monoblock). Their average cost is from $7000, logically that its price tag will not be cheap, no matter how much he like his work, its profitability will be in the first place.
Any photographer, which you will find on the Internet, also spend a lot of time to work with social media, site, and portfolio. It is thanks to this work, it helps you find yourself among the amateurs.
If you are comparing the prices of photographers on Samui with your or another 3rd country, then it is just not right, the cost of living on Samui may be different from the one you have been accustomed to.
Legal photographer on Samui, registers the company and pays taxes for what works on the territory of island.
So, as you can see, now a modern and professional photographer is not just a creative person who loves his work. And for a number of reasons described above, he cannot take a symbolic fee for his services.

Well, for those who still have doubts:
everyone evaluates himself and his work what he thinks is right. For the same reason I do not support discounts.

This is probably all of the main points, I hope it came out briefly, understandably and will deprive us of superfluous, to anything not leading reasoning about prices. They are one for you, just like me.