I caught myself thinking soon I’ll be able to put one more tick in my notes. This time it will be devoted to the posts creation.

I decided to try writing them once again about a month ago. It was difficult and painful. It’s rather hard to start something new, agree? Posts creation took a lot of time from the very beginning. Besides I doubted on the things I was writing since it was my first experience.

Now I write about all in a whole without mentioning lots of details. When I just write every thought to the notes. Then I open them while waiting for my order in a cafe.

I left my initial approach to write posts on schedule, and now I write them at a convenient time only while having a wish to. This was probably my main mistake since it was associated with the work and caused a negative attitude towards these memoirs. As a result, I don’t spend too much time for this, it usually takes 5-15 minutes.

P.s. from the very beginning I was forced to do something I don’t like, it was a king of self-fighting) When living near of the palm trees all year round this is especially true;)

Then I used to do this after 3 weeks period! Now fingers are drawn to the touch screen while having a breakfast) Now I enjoy writing (still not always, but it’s good), and I do not care of feedback absence. Today I noticed some advantages from having such a “diary.

I was always told I had to have such a diary while being a child, but never tried to. Whether this is the best time for this? I’ll continue self-monitoring and maybe I’ll start reading in future!