Indonesia is the state in the Southeast Asia and the largest archipelago in the world. The nature has divided this country into 13 677 islands in the Pacific Ocean. This area of the Southern Hemisphere, including Indonesia, has a lot of volcanoes. There are more than 300 volcanoes on the territory of this country, two hundred of which are active. It is clear  the main country’s life is concentrated around large cities and on the coast if considering the fact that a half of the country’s territory is covered by tropical moist forests.  

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. This is one of the most dynamically developing cities in the world, located on Java island – the largest island in Indonesia. But Bali is the most attractive and developed island, it is flooded with bright sunlight, for which reason it was called “Brilliant decoration of Indonesia” by those tourists who visited it.

The island length is only 100 kilometers which provides the tourists who have rented a car with the opportunity to make a very interesting and not tedious trip around the island. A sinuous cost’s feature gave the island a lot of blue lagoons and bays, which are full of beautiful hotels and resorts and has surprisingly mild climate. 

The tropical climate with the constant air temperature of + 30-32 degrees throughout the year provides a constant tourist influx and guarantees a comfortable stay.

Locals love to call their island “an island of a thousand temples”. And they are absolutely right. Tourists will enjoy the tour which includes visiting Bali’s temples and temple holidays. Such holidays are held with great frequency and are always open for tourists. It should be noted the locals are surprisingly good-natured and benevolent. Everyone will be surprised and glad to see the locals’ smiling faces and polite greetings.

The island is unofficially divided by interests. Nusa Dua is the southern island’s part, densely populated by hotels along the coast with white sand and crystal clear water. It is preferred by people who used to enjoy each day and who decided to make a vacation unforgettable. The eastern island’s coast is called Sanur and is a favorite holiday destination for couples with children. What could be better than a clean sand sand and soft lagoons for a relaxing holiday!

The western island’s coast is called Kuta. It is chosen by surfing fans and drivers. Besides Kuta is Bali’s nightlife center. It is clear –  so many young, healthy and creative young people meet in one place.

Visit Bali and see everything with your eyes!

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