Hello again!

I would like to share one more unrestrained passion with you. It’s about my love of adventure and travel. After all, if we couldn’t talk about travelling, it would lose one of the components of its attractiveness.

I went to Bali this summer. The purpose of the trip was having a vacation, where I could change my environment and deal with some issues that required concentration and solitude. But the modern world is small and all my attempts were in vain.

Once again I plunged into the atmosphere of pleasant conversations with friends, who I accidentally met on the island and, of course, with new people, with whom I was fortunate enough to get acquainted. The first days, when I was surrounded by pleasant people and fabulous nature, made me realize that it’s time to get my camera out of my bag, without which my trip would be incomplete.

There are no identical places in the world and it means an inexhaustible resource for new ideas and views on the reality surrounding us that can make us cry and laugh, feel and love, and most importantly remember.

Logic suggests that I should stop here but I want to continue. And you can’t deny the fact that you’ll enjoy reading my observations further.

Bali is a great place and I dare to compare it to my home. And my home is Ko Samui.

The fabulous beaches of Bali amaze with their huge size but, unfortunately, there are a few beaches that give an opportunity to bathe comfortably. Besides, some of them are dirty and fee-based. That’s why, I must confess that I prefer cozy beaches on Koh Samui, the splendor of which can be described only by a true writer 😉 It’s noteworthy that there is a variety of waterfalls calling for solitude with their endless and pleasant noise. Waterfalls on Koh Samui are not as spectacular as regards their size and beauty. Moreover, Bali was the first place, where I climbed the volcano, and it was really cool! In general, the nature is identical and there is no reason for comparison, but unfortunately, in order to enjoy it in Bali, you will have to spend some of your precious holiday time in traffic jams. Yes! Bali, unlike Ko Samui, is a large, overcrowded island, full of tourists, in which one can hardly go somewhere without getting into traffic jams.

I hope that everyone has a place that evokes touching feelings after even only mentioning it. For me it’s the nature of Koh Samui. Life and rest on Koh Samui has controlled pace, which is very good for relaxing and a viewing life.

If after reading this you have a desire to spend a vacation on Koh Samui, you are on the right track! You made the right decision!