Despite the fact Koh Samui and Koh Phangan islands are close to each other, I choose to visit Pha-ngan not often. Therefore, I was happy to have this shoot more than the rest, because it was on Pha-ngan. 

I started to plan the shooting for 2 months and this is a good practice in the case of the wedding ceremony in Thailand in the high season. After discussing the arch design, shooting location and schedule and other details, we booked the meeting date and temporarily closed the question. 

Unfortunately, the guys were too tired upon arrival and we changed the photoshoot time to simplify the whole process. A few days later, when the guys had a rest, we finally met each other! I felt myself as if I have been knowing Catherine and Nicholas for a long time, since we all actively participated in the correspondence devoted to our meeting.

The guys had a good mood despite the fatigue consequences they were almost falling from the bike, I supported them by the fact today photoshop makes miracles.

Having given a little time to the weather, we jumped into the car and moved towards the Chinese Temple Chinese Temple Koh Pha-ngan. It is located on the road between Thong Sala and Chaloklum Bay. Also, the temple is located on the mountain, so it has a beautiful Chaloklum bay view.

In general, it is well suited for a photo shoot on Pha-ngan, there are the places to take a walk, it is clean and almost deserted. For all the time that I’ve been here, I have not met more than 10 people at a time. We shot everything we wanted for 1.5 hours of unhurried walk and then we moved towards the beach where the ceremony was waiting for us. 

The ceremony was held on Malibu Beach which is located in the north of the island, just 10 minutes drive, or more precisely, 4 km from the temple. It is a beautiful beach with the nice white sand, which can be equated to flour. According to locals, this sand is imported and this is the only beach on Pha-ngan with such status.

At the same time, the main beach feature is hidden in another, its territory has green coniferous trees. Their shape and combination with white sand perfectly harmonize with each other and create a very beautiful landscape.

That day (high season – January month) the beach was almost hammered after long rains, so it was rather difficult to shoot. First, the organizers had to move the flower arch from the middle of the beach to its outskirts. After the ceremony we walked along the beach while searching for places with a deserted background.

We managed to cope with this. If being honest, even considering the sheds after falling from the bike, the unbearable heat and the crowded tourists beach the results surpassed even my expectations!

The entire pictures series is available here.

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