New 2018 year started with purchases. Despite the fact I don’t like Bangkok, I chose it. Unfortunately, “Samuikino” village doesn’t provide an opportunity to buy everything necessary. Therefore, I and by friends bought the tickets and left our favorite island Koh Samui, previously making up a list of purchases and cases.

I formed both a list of matters and a schedule for having an effective trip. In short, the tasks from my notes were the following:
1 Purchase of equipment for a new project for shooting video
2 Make a couple of shots
3 Climb to Sathorn Unique skyscraper and shoot a the city view by quadrocopter.
4 And relax a bit in my favorite Lumphini park

Alas, we didn’t manage to do all we wanted.

We delayed the departure date as much as we could – everyone did not want to leave the island, so everything happened spontaneously and the tickets purchase with the apartment reservation was made the day before the departure. Alas, interesting apartments for shooting have already been booked or required preliminary reservation, that’s why we we were forced to choose the hotels. We didn’t have time at all, so we chose an expensive hotel from “top” of the booking while assuming that it would include an interesting interior for shooting. The first thing I want to pay attention to is expensive does not mean good. we were waiting for a settling an hour and a half despite the fact it was rather expensive five stars hotel!  We were very tired. I was smiling as usual while imagining the way all who were guilty of the delay were burning painfully for a long time… The room was rather ordinary, even considering it was a suite. Besides the staff turned to be rather unfriendly, that’s why we even didn’t want to smile.

Then we left our bags, drank some coffee and moved to the center – Siam Paragon, as we planned. The plan was the following: Zhenya and Katya have to buy their watches, then I and Zhenya have to buy equipment while the girls have to go shopping. Dreams do not come true! We spent the remnants of our forces and half a day for watches. I was continuing to imagine burning people. The fact is, the first store did not have the right model. We asked them to find out which shop had the necessary model, but they politely declined our request. As a result, the guys became happy watch owners just in the 4th shop. At the same time, we received completely different information about the same model from the catalog in each store, the most often we heard: “Such model is absent in the whole Thailand. You can order it with 50% payment. Waiting time is 4 months”. In general, the service level requires a new mark in the evaluation scale -” Thaiservise “
By the time the guys bought everything, we were exhausted up to dizziness and all we wanted was to relax and smoke a hookah which is also hard to find in Thailand since hookah is prohibited in the country. Then a bit drunk driver cheered us up while showing what was the ride with adrenaline and delivered us to a dilapidated restaurant which name was “RESTAURANT.” Hookah fortunately turned to be rather good for Bangkok.

We started our second day with a trip to Siam Paragon again and completely dedicated it for making purchases, we bought photo and video equipment. When the girls imagined all this, they left us and we went to wind up the kilometers. The day was so much crazy as the first one. It started with the banal answers like “we have only ex-display model”, etc. As it turned out, the right camera in official shops was sold in 80% of cases by a preorder, which seemed to be doubly wildly for me – imagine that you came to a shop for buying a new phone which was advertising everywhere and you heard an answer “want to make a pre-order?”
I started to imagine these shopping centers burning, thereby raising my mood and an idea came to my mind! In the third store, I started my talk with the amount which we were ready to pay for in case they found the camera we needed. As the result, the sellers changed their attitude and approach to us) Immediately there appeared a reserved camera for another client and all we need according to our list. An hour later we left the shop and moved to relax in a cafe. Half a day was already lost and there were still 2 shops which we were going to visit, one of which was absent on the map.
While we were looking for it, I was continuing to imagine 5 burning people more. When we bought everything we needed, we caught ourselves thinking that we haven’t been so much tired for the last half of the year while Kristina and Katya were relaxing in the hotel pool. Then we visited th place with the hookah again….

We left the remaining tasks for the third day and it turned to be much easier. We started it with a morning walk in white (hotel) coats and slippers. We just walked and charged from the other people’s reaction. Someone laughed and supported us, and someone prayed.  During the walk, we also decided to leave everything and come back to Samui as soon as possible. We were rising to the sky at 5:30 p.m. I was happy when I returned to my quiet harbor, where my house was waiting for me.

The high season will start soon and the probability to find enough time for a new project is not great, but I’ll try to share my first works closer to spring!