Photoshoot with a cabriolet which provides the best journey memories.

What is the way to diversify the tourist photoshoot while resting in Phuket, Samui or Bangkok, when the beach locations have already been captured? Add some dynamics and emotions to your photoshoot while using a cabriolet or motorcycle. Forest coastline landscapes, dynamic movement as well as production scenes near of the car will bring new expressiveness to your image. Photoshoot with a cabriolet is available in Samui, Phuket and Bangkok.

Photoshoot with a car for shops and brands

Such a photoshoot will allow unobtrusively to advertise the collection if you are a store or a clothing brand owner since beautiful models photos will invariably attract the customers. Make a photo story in the trip form around the island and increase your potential buyers’ interest. Native advertising does not offer goods directly, but stimulates the desire to “repeat” the models image, including clothing.

Photoshoot organization

I am a professional photographer in Phuket. I accept orders for visiting work type due to excellent logistics between the islands and cities. It’s possible to create a whole “story” while using a vehicle in a photoshoot.  Photo-tour lasts from 2 hours to a whole day – depending on your wishes and the points you want to visit.

Besides I can offer the hairdresser’s and make-up artist’s help while preparing for the shooting to have a nice result.

If you have not ridden a cabriolet in hot countries – experience such nice emotions. Sea breeze and freedom, fun and adrenaline will allow to get the most arduous photoshoot.

All cabriolet photoshoot details and booking are available here.