This family’s photo shoot on Koh Samui a bit hooked me more than others, so I decided to add it to my blog by writing a couple words about it. 

Meet: Davidsons and their charming little daughters Liz and Katherine.

As usual, we started with the question about the place for shooting and we closed it immediately. I live on Koh Samui and know a lot of interesting places all over the island, all of them are beautiful and interesting in their own way. And this is only one of reasons I love this island so much!

Then we gave a couple of minutes to the outfits, my recommendations for everyday and comfortable clothes without bright colors were taken at once, as well as the place for shooting. I like when everything happens the way I want).

We managed to establish contact with each other almost immediately, the pictures turned out to be alive and sincere. Even Katherine – the youngest girl almost ceased to notice my presence – she cheerfully smiled to her mother! Photoshoot took place almost on one breath.

I noticed Davidsons are a strong, friendly family, which I also tried to maximally show in the photo.

The high sky, the blue smooth surface of the Gulf of Siam, white sand and the interestingly tilted tree! We couldn’t manage to get along without a swing! The eldest sister Liz immediately liberated, she was happy to express the emotions needed for the pictures and enjoy the process.

Catherine also liked to drip in the sand and to feel the equipment, like all children of her age. In general, the sisters pleased me, all was good despite the hot weather and early morning.

They managed to get acquainted with several children on the beach and play with local dogs during the photoshoot. What else could be better than independent children?) PS I managed to make a separate series of photos for parents for this time.

This photoshoot gave a lot of positive emotions me and all its participants. A special thanks to parents, the mood and preparation for photoshoot always simplifies the task and improves the result!

The result which allows to bring pictures with a piece of paradise on the ground – stories with your participation!

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