In my life and creative activity, I was always inspired by travelling because this is what allows you to discover new horizons, broaden your perception of life and meet amazing people. These people are so interesting and unique that you want to preserve their images in your memory and on photos. Travelling across the world made me stronger and more self-confident, allowed me to take a fresh look at the beauty that surrounds us, appreciate the ample opportunities that a life without attaching yourself to career growth and similar nonsense gives us.

I had visited more than ten countries before my friend offered me for the first time to travel across the country and discover the wonder of Altai! That place hit me right to my soul with its virgin beauty, wonderful landscapes and views. Precisely there I felt the acute need to share that unearthly beauty with my friends on social networks, unfortunately, no graphic editor could process those pictures from my camera. But of course, I shared them anyway 😉 Unfortunately I could not share the perfection of the nature at the necessary extent though.
Several months later, following our tradition, my friends and I decided to celebrate the New Year together and in this time we resolved to visit Thailand. I decided to present myself (nobody else would make such a present 😉 a good camera, which would allow me to share and keep the exquisite places of Thailand in memory for long. For that moment, in our route we had the Samui, Pangan, and Phuket islands. Therefore, I left the Altai mountains and set off to Petersburg that I come from, where I annoyed a couple of salesmen, and in the first place myself, and bought a camera! And it all started…

Going with friends to Thailand, I already knew exactly what I would devote all my spare time. I tried to freeze light what I saw around, save on photos the living colors of nature and bright emotions of people. I could stop a moment to show how beautiful it was. And I got true pleasure from it.
In 2 months of my stay in Thailand I added not just one map on my device, that’s why having returned to Petersburg, I worked in the editor after all! Since those times my colleagues at work saw me at my computer absorbed in my activity, thoughtful and focused. Yes, my work place was the only suitable place for studying photoshop and photography in general)

The Samui island won my heart at first sight. This is a paradise where there is everything for everyone, where the soul and the body find harmony, where you understand where the meaning of life lies. The island’s nature is of unique beauty, it has fascinating waterfalls and wonderful jungle, exotic animals and, of course, golden beaches. Rest on Samui means staying in a wonderful quiet place in nature, where people come not only for 14 days on holiday, but for much more time in search of happiness and positive emotions. This place is popular with lovers and adventurers, active people that love life in all its manifestations. Here everyone wants to keep a bit of Samui not only in their hearts, but also in their memory, to look through a photo album, recalling the most pleasant memories and warm their soul with the everlastingly shining sun of Thailand.

So this is only a small part of what made me come back here to live and turn my hobby into my professional activity.
This island became really dear to me for several reasons, and one of them is photography, because precisely the nature of Samui made me devote more time to my hobby and discover my calling being a photo artist.
For the last two years I have lived here and perfected my mastery, got new experience and I have done what I love and it has brought me a sense of deep satisfaction. So I always have something to offer. I love to center my photoshoot around reflecting on my photos a person’s natural beauty and depth, his or her sincere emotions, thoughts and feelings.

Mainly I do not work with people, as some photographers say, I just communicate with them and help them to reveal in the photoshoot. Individual photoshoot, love story, child or family Samui photoshoot I keenly feel each one’s mood and give maximum of attention even to insignificant details. I am also firmly sure that a person absolutely does not need to take any special effort, he or she just needs to be he himself or herself to achieve an excellent result.

I save beautiful moments, create living and bright photos for you!