Nowadays photography is gaining popularity day by day and of course together with that the amount of offers in the area of photo services is increasing as well. Getting to know from my clients that first of all they pay attention to the price and to the fact that the choice of the photographer on Samui Island is not a simple task, I decided to write one more article.

The principle of price=quality is not always true.

The first thing that should be paid attention to is the portfolio. What is the sense of considering prices if the style of photographer’s works doesn’t suit you? Even though they may be cool.

That is the reason why it is right to start choosing from reviewing works of your future photographer and just after that you should consider prices. Also I’d like to pay attention to the fact that no self-respecting photographer will shoot a parody of other photographers’ works.

After writing first lines of the article I decided to study this question a little bit more deeply and got to know that a part of my clients assessed the level of a photographer according to the prices. And again it’s not right! And now a little bit more in detail:

A. Low quality for high prices. A photographer may take 300-500 US dollars per hour but it doesn’t mean that his photos will be of the level of glossy magazines which you like so much.

Why is the price so high? – You will ask.

The reasons may be really different, for example: each person assesses his or her time in a different way; photographers have a high customers flow due to well promoted websites or paid advertisements in search systems; they have busy schedules which they compensate with the help of prices; almost every photographer considers his or her works to be masterpieces 😉

B. High quality for low prices. Yes, this happens quite rarely but still it is possible. A photographer may have a great portfolio and shoot for low prices. Everybody has their own prices.

C. High quality for high prices. It is the most widespread type. Naturally, an experienced photographer with a good portfolio takes good money for his or her services.

How difficult everything is, you may think. No, it’s not! Here is a short guide:

1. Find 2-3 photographers whose works you like.

What is worth paying attention?
As a rule, a good portfolio should contain diverse photos with natural colors, portraits with high-quality retouch, good angles, the absence of extra details in the pictures and, of course, the number of photos that will show that your photographer has been engaged in his activities for at least several years.

2. Compare the prices and choose most suitable ones.

Best price for photo shootings on Samui is about 4000 – 6000 baht.

What is worth paying attention?
– if we talk about a photo session on Samui Island (in Thailand, or in other tourist spots), you may easily give your preference to local photographers. They live here and therefore they know a lot of beautiful and convenient places for shooting and they are familiar with different peculiarities of shooting spots: high and low tides, the time of a sunset, territories of hotels where it’s possible to shoot and so on.

Also there is a very important detail – as a rule the local photographer of Samui Island has the work permit without which the process of shooting will be at risk in case of meeting police.

3. Book your day to make sure that your photo session on Samui will 100% take place