They say you must live a bright life to make bright pictures. I agree with it, that’s why I always try to find new unique places and interesting spots for a photoshoot. Traveling across Koh Phangan one of the picturesque islands of Thailand, I was lucky that I actually found landscapes of special beauty that just had to be shot.

The sunny island of Phangan in Thailand can surprise and impress many travelers with its exotic nature and lots of magnificent beaches. Here everyone will find what he or she has been looking for so long: lovers of solitude and quiet the emerald jungle with palms and cosy romantic places, fans of night life excellent clubs and bars in the open air, married couples with children the wild and landscaped Phangan beaches.

The island charms its guests during their first walk and, leaving this place, you want to take only friendly memories and bright photos with you. I have professionally done photography already for several years and I know well the most beautiful places of the island of Phangan that a guide will not show you and you will not read about them in a guidebook.

Walking across Phangan, I saw an unfinished hotel made in the Khmer style. A magical panoramic view of the Samui bay and island opens up from it. That hotel immediately drew my attention not only from a professional perspective, but just as an amazingly beautiful and interesting place reminding you of Angkor Wat the first time you see it. The construction of that hotel will last for long, in my modest opinion, so I recommend everyone to come there at least to see the sunset!