Koh Samui wedding videographer for all kind of video in Thailand

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Koh Samui wedding videographer for all kind of video in Thailand

Me, Octav Cado, and my colleagues are a professional team of Koh Samui wedding videographer services.
We are glad to offer you different kinds of shootings, such as Parties, Weddings, Family, Love-story,  Festivals, Interviews and so on.

In addition to all these options for Koh Samui video shooting, we also cooperate with commercial events, shoot corporate parties, reports for business, restaurants, hotels and so on in different cities and islands of Thailand. If you need a quality promo for your Instagram, then, please, send us your request and book the date.

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Koh Samui wedding videographer

Video recording of any events is becoming an increasingly popular service. The reason for this is probably the fact that with the advent of different techniques, there are opportunities to shoot incredible stories from the most unpredictable angles. And if this shooting is carried out in one of the paradises, such as Koh Samui, the impressions will be much more. Ko Samui videographer offers its services for shooting Love stories, weddings, portrait videos on the most beautiful island in the Gulf of Thailand.

Wedding photography – portfolio

Family story

And, of course, the most pleasant shooting is family one. Only when the whole family is together and is in a joyful, relaxed mood – that’s when happiness is felt. To capture your family vacation in the resort of Thailand, you can use services of family videography. It will be a whole movie about one of the best family vacations on the most beautiful island! Koh Samui videography maker advice you the best places for shooting. Even if some members of your family is a little kid.

Koh Samui portrait videography

Another novelty in the industry is shooting video portraits. As usual, the film lasts from 30 seconds to 2 minutes or as you wish. The main character is one person. We make the plot or improvise, shoot in beautiful places and from different angles a little story about you.
Video shooting will be an unforgettable gift for yourself, for your friends, girlfriend and family. No matter what kind of shooting you choose. Be sure that on the screen you will always look charming and beautiful, because the happiness of being on Koh Samui can not be captured!

Videographer Samui Thailand Main Packages:

Video portrait
฿ 12000
2 hours
1 minute video
1-2 locations
Extra hour 5000 baht
Family story
฿ 15000
2.5 hours
1 - 1.5 minutes video
1-2 locations
Extra hour 4000 baht
฿ 16000
2 - 2,5 hours
1.5 - 2 minute video
1-3 locations
Extra hour 4000 baht
Love story
฿ 25000
4-5 hours
2-3 minutes video
2-5 locations
Extra hour 3000 baht

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Koh Samui wedding videographer

Beaches with white sand and azure water, lush greenery and rich fauna, exotic cuisine and a lot of entertainment for every taste and budget – are you agree? A wedding in Thailand for many people is a dream. Dreams exist in order to make them a reality. Now everyone has the opportunity to celebrate this day in a royal way – in the Kingdom of Thailand. And Ko Samui videographer is ready to provide a full-fledged video recording of the most vivid and unforgettable event in life. Our video team also use aerial shooting, that makes every film exclusive and full of beautiful moments.

Wedding videographer is also shoots a Love story on the island. You can tell the world about your love in many ways. But the better one is to show it with video. You choose the place, or Koh Samui wedding videographer finds it for you. It can be a hotel or a picturesque place on the shore, jungle or waterfalls, or maybe all together. Film maker will work out the plot and shoot a wedding or Love story video dedicated only to you – two loving hearts.

Koh Samui Wedding videographer in Thailand. Main packages

Wedding Light. Shooting a wedding is an important and very beautiful event in the life of every couple. And wedding in Koh Samui is even more so! Out shooting team will show all the beauty of this day, including your feelings, emotions of the guests, the atmosphere of the event, so that even a casual viewer could feel this all after watching the wedding clip. For 3 hours of shooting, it is difficult to shoot as much as we would like. To make video full of love a wedding speech at the ceremony can help to us. It also can be a recorded text that will reveal the beauty of your feelings and can fill a wedding clip with your soul.

Wedding Standard. The standard package is the most popular option, which combines a sufficient number of hours of shooting, and more opportunities for creativity. The difference from package 1 is the time of our work with you, duration and variety of the clip respectively. As a result, you will get 2-3-minute wedding video with the most special moments of the day, revealing the story of the newlyweds in more detail.

Wedding Maximum. This option is suitable if you want to get a video about the whole wedding day. This package includes both – a short clip and a full film, in which we will reveal your Love story. The movie will include congratulations from guests and other moments revealing the mood and atmosphere of the event, sometimes making you laugh and sometimes cry about the clear happiness. With us, you can create your perfect wedding movie. Together we will discuss all kinds of ideas, shoot different scenes, including visiting special places on the island – 2 hours videography in other day is our gift to you!
The film ill be about 10-15 minutes including the most interesting moments of the day, live sound, atmosphere, interview, speech of the guests at the event and more.

Videographer Thailand Wedding packages

Wedding Light
฿ 18000
3 hour
1.5 - 2 minutes video
Extra hour 5000 Baht
1 Videographer
Wedding Standard
฿ 28000
6 hours
2 - 3 minutes video
Extra hour 4000 Baht
1 Videographer
Wedding Maximum
฿ 60000
8 hours + 2
2-3 minutes clip
10-15 minutes movie
2 Videographers + drone
Extra Services
Transfer 1500+
Makeup & Hairstyle 5000
Drone from 5000
Cabriolet for shooting from 3000

My WhatsApp +79811986896
Write to email [email protected]

Koh Samui Honeymoon video

Honeymoon is one of the most popular genres for shooting in Koh Samui and Phangan

Videographer on Koh Samui create a beautiful video for both of you, will show the whole deep of your feelings and convey their sincerity and warmth. This video becomes a great continuation of your Love-story that will be interesting to watch again and again! We also offer professional assistance in organizing a romantic dinner on the beach, yacht rental and selection of locations near the hotel.

Love story videography Koh Samui

This genre is perfect for shootings on Koh Samui & Koh Phangan because its surroundings are ideal for it. 

Creating a true story about you according to a pre-prepared and agreed scenario. Shooting can be made in different places of the island. We will travel and shoot video in the most interesting and beautiful locations! Mountains with pleasant views to the neighboring islands, waterfalls, where you can add underwater shooting, restaurants with stunning sunsets, beaches and much more that will be included in the route of our scenario. The main thing is to show your mood and personality, atmosphere, dynamics of the clip in case of numbers of locations and events.

  • Preparation and approval of the scenario
  • Underwater shooting
  • Working with sound (speech recording/ sound design)
  • The ability to use your photos or videos from the whole trip
  • A professional edit of the video

Music Video

Yesterday we looked clips from TV as something unattainable. Today, each author has the opportunity to make a video! Our team will help you not only with shooting, but also with the study of the storyline.

Videographer Bangkok, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao ..

Commercial Videography in Bangkok, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and other part of Thailand available for Events, Hotels, Villas, Restaurants, TV, Interviews and more other. Price depend on details of project. Ps I’m available and as a Bangkok Wedding Videographer also. Welcome!


  1. It is better to book in advance. Only in this case we can give you 100% guarantee that we will be free and available for video shooting.
  2. We use video for portfolio here and in social media (no commercial goals).
  3. The cost of video shooting in the complete privacy is increased by 50%.
  4. Full payment occurs in the day of video shoot.
  5. Once the video clip or movie have been taken you will receive them within:
    – Video Portrait 3-4 weeks
    – Honey Moon, Love Story, Family Story 3-8 weeks
    – Weddings 2-4 months
  6. You can use Express-edit within two weeks after shooting: 10000 baht
  7. Teaser for Instagram (30-60 seconds) within 1 week: 5000 Baht