I’ve wanted to change the beaches for the less popular places in Samui for a long time, and I kept on thinking of this. And finally, we came here a little ahead of the beginning of the rainy season. We were full of ideas and ready to get to hard work. Some props were prepared the night before the shooting, because we didn’t have much time before the rainy season. The shooting process turned out to be a great success. It was nice to spend a day away from the boring beaches and it was interesting for me to work in new locations with professional team (stylist, model, Makeup artist).
This time we were lucky enough to have great weather. The clouds provided us with good and matching colors for the shooting topic.

Special thanks to all team members:

Stylist – Katya Yanova
Model – Alyona Nosova
Makeup artist – Ekaterina Smirnova

Full series here