It’s so nice and easy to enter into the “search engine” the following words: Ko Samui photo shoot on a yacht, and then you’ll find yourself on its deck surrounded by waves of the Gulf of Thailand and neighboring islands. Pleasant conversations and magic atmosphere are waiting for us here. All these things will provide us with a maximum of pleasures and impressions. A friendly party, diving, snorkeling, traveling to the best beaches of Ko Phangan or a romantic evening, with which the magic sunsets of Ko Samui and the European chef with his exquisite cuisine will help us.

A photo shoot trip to Ko Samui – it was this phrase that inspired me to create this “package”. I’m sure that each of us, while being on vacation, would like to dedicate the whole day to the sea element and, of course, keep this wonderful day in memory.
A few words about the shooting process: here I will work with you on the story of our photo shoot, which will help us achieve the first-class results and fulfill expectations. Therefore, you must be sure in those real and living emotions that will accompany you during this day.

And you will experience the most important and magical feeling after receiving the processed photos, when you get photos of your dreams that will take the high-priority place in any photo album.

I’m sure it’s worth spending a little time and a lot of money ;), so that your vacation on Ko Samui could turn into a real fairy tale about the princess and the prince, fading in the sunset on a snow-white Yacht.

The cost of this package is specified based on the route and time of the yacht rental.
Information about main package you can find – here

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