Hong Kong photo tour.

Going to travel and want to get the most impressive photos? Professional photographer Hong Kong is waiting for you. Street photo session or photo-walk are one of my favorite shooting formats. This event is rather popular among travelers all over the world since it allows to get several benefits at once:

  • Get diverse photos displayed in this crazy city dynamics and rhythm 😉
  • Visit not both the tourist Hong Kong places and its secluded corners among the locals.
  • Fully enjoy the walk, not much distracted by photo technique, posing and numeral shots.

Pictures with your sincere emotions will become the most invaluable acquisition during your trip. You will be fascinated by new locations the local dishes taste, unfamiliar scents, architecture and exteriors while fetting acquainted with the city. All these amazing moments will be sensitively captured by my camera. Posing shots will almost be absent – only real and living feelings.

A local guide –

will open for you both the pompous tourist side as well as the its spirit and uniqueness. This is what makes us fall in love with Hong Kong and come back here again. Both you and locals, passing cars, dragons figures, glittering in the sun, breathtaking skies, vertical skyscrapers will be present at the pictures.

The pictures will be filled with life since the city has got own rhythm and vibrations, sounds and gestures. We will catch all these moments, which will form your memories and wonderful journey mosaic. All this is available in easy photo-walk format.

The way the photo shoot takes place

Most of the time I live on Koh Samui in Thailand. It is about three hours flight by plane from Hong Kong.

Therefore, I prefer to perform wedding photoshoots in Hong Kong, and of course a street photo – a photo which consists of 4 hours and more in most cases (when I leave the city). In other cases, the photo shoot may involve additional costs and the date reservation with a prepayment. I’m also available for a photo shoot in Macau within the same terms.

I’m also familiar with Hong Kong and know completely different locations for photo shooting: from authentic areas with famous sights and endless city traffic to quiet and cozy beaches.

The street-shooting art –

is the soft photographer integration into the process. The work process will always be built the way the most convenient for you.

The walk length depends on your wishes, if any, and my recommendations. The average duration is 4 hours. It is made up of the rout and places availability we want to visit without.

What is the way to order a photographer in Hong Kong and Macao?

So, you’ve appreciated my works and are ready to place an order. Then all is easy and fast! – Fill in the order form here.
Be sure to specify the place you want to have a photo shoot at: Hong Kong / Macao as well as the shooting format: individual, Love Story and others. Usually I answer during the working day.

Please contact me if you are interested in a wedding photo shoot in Hong Kong and you would like to discuss the details by phone.

I also provide the wedding photographer services in Macau at both official ceremonies and during a romantic trip.

The tickets have been bought, the suitcases have been prepared and tomorrow you would see Hong Kong with mosaic colors, people streams, glass jungle and secluded temples. This city provides the expressive street photo-stories – dynamic, like a dragon’s flight or as peaceful as Buddhist mantras.

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