Beach photo session on Samui Island is the most popular type of photo session that is why I’ve got saved nearly 15 cozy beaches around the whole island. Although what other offers can you consider if your album is already full of beach photos?

So – “Photo session on Samui” or “Where to have a photo session on Samui”

Why is a beach bad for a photo session?
In general, there’s nothing bad in it, especially if it’s your first professional photo session near on the seaside, although many people are already tired of the beach that’s why very often I hear about requests for photo session not connected with bikini and a seashore.
So, where can your photo session on Samui take place except a beach?

1. Your villa or hotel will be the most convenient place.
Yes, if I consider your hotel to be suitable for a photo session – it will be one of the most comfortable variants. Several main reasons for that will be described below:

1.1. You will not have to get to the place of shooting and spend extra money (also you need to understand that if you have your hair styled it’s not recommended to get to the place of shooting by a motorbike)

1.2. It will be more convenient to work on the territory of your villa. Unlike the beach, your apartment will provide you with the opportunity not only to drink cold water next to air conditioner, but also relax in the shade hiding from the scorching sun. It´s worth taking into account that photo session in Thailand is not easy for everyone because of the hot climate.

1.3. Hotels of Samui are attractive due to their locations. Unlike beaches, hotels give more opportunities for experiments and work in general. It’s not a secret for anyone that diverse series of photos look better and more interesting.

2. If the weather on Samui is too hot for you and the territory of your hotel is not suitable for taking photos I have the following package for you – “Evening photo session on Samui”. And what can be shot in the evening? Again, everything depends on your preferences! And there are several suggestions for consideration: we have night Chaweng at our disposal as well as restaurants, traveling markets of Samui (Walking Street and night market on Samui ) and many other things to work with.
State that you are interested in ¨Street photography on Samui¨ package while contacting us.

3. A catamaran, Cutter or a Yacht on Samui as locations for the shooting.
Let’s combine a photo session with a friendly walk in a big or cozy and romantic company. Enjoyable atmosphere of the unforgettable rest near your favorite sea, cool breeze and the feeling of peace or adventures is exactly the thing that you will recall with pleasure while looking through your photos years later.

4. An open-top car on Samui. It’s also one of the most popular ideas. We can rent it for one day and get new photos for the portfolio!

Also the following packages are available: “Fashion shooting on Samui” and “Street shooting on Samui”, for more details see Prices section or contact us via private messages.

Perhaps, that’s all what I wanted to recommend you and I hope it will be enough. Well, if not, contact me!

P.S. You will be able to find the information about interesting locations for shooting in the article “Beautiful and Unusual Places on Samui”.