Recently my friends wanted to make a photoshoot on SUP-board. I liked this idea and started to think about the place of photoshoot. My choice fell on the Intercontinental pier from the same name hotel in the south of Koh Samui, which is also famous as a good place to meet the sunset on the island.

I chose it for several reasons:

– firstly, the hotel’s beach does not belong to the tourist island places, so it is almost deserted and thus very convenient.

The hotel territory is picturesque, it includes rocks in addition to the beach with a pier and here is certainly a good restaurant for those who like to eat delicious food.

– secondly, our plans included photoshoot with quadcopter, so the empty beach was not the best option for video shooting

– thirdly, photoshoot and sunset combination is a wonderful pastime on Samui

PS secretly, the sunset was magnificent and we certainly did stop on the pictures on the boards only!
We arrived at the place at about 4.00 p.m. in order to avoid the scorching Thailand sun. 10 minutes later we rented boards, picked up the oars and started to prepare for our photoshoot.

The guys took their faithful friend “Gucci” and he also managed to ride the board. We had a Life Style format photoshoot and we had everything to get a lot of photos with real and vivid emotions.

Unfortunately, the hotel administration forbade us to fly over the pier. Despite this fact we managed to make a couple of minutes of good video while limiting by the beach and panorama where the pier was accidentally got to.

Everything took 1.5 hours. Then, tired of a chic day and active photoshoot, we all met a stunning sunset while listening to music and lying on the pier.