Hello! The time has come to talk about preparing for the photo session.

I can safely assure you that it is not difficult. Of course, the key to a successful photo session is a good dream the day before and confidence in self sufficiency and attractiveness. I’m not going to tell you anything new if I say that this condition is necessary for any planned event of our lives.

What about clothes, take with you from home or buy on Samui what you really like, and what you will feel comfortable in! Hair and makeup are an important factor of good mood and self-confidence. Makeup artist in Koh Samui will take on this task, and I’ll, in turn, organize your acquaintance and meeting.

We can also work together to think of a legend which we will stick to while shooting, and it must fit into your true image in harmony. Then, as a result, we will have the greatest effect on the work done. You’re as a model, and I’m as a photographer.

Photo shoot on Samui, Thailand, and any other hot country may be a little different from your own shootings, so here are several key recommendations:

  • avoid alcohol the day before shooting in any number, in the tropical climate a glass of wine may give you facial edema in the morning;
  • limit yourself to a good meal, a hearty breakfast with a hot weather will complicate your shooting process;
  • use light and comfortable clothing;
  • don’t forget to bring water and sunglasses;
  • if shooting is scheduled for the 2nd half of the day, don’t spend all day at the beach, you will get tired from sun.