Photographing real estate in Samui

It’s an interesting and not easy job, which I’ll try to explain to you right now.

If you are the owner of the villa, home or hotel, or if you are a representative, and you need it for the best selling or renting, attractive photos of your real estate, you are on the right track.

In our time, the successful sale of real estate needs to be shown in the face and in the best way. A modern customer first of all finds the goods on the Internet looking through at the photo. Therefore, an exciting text will not produce better results than a quality photo shooting that displays all the advantages and uniqueness of your offer.

I’m going to do a free consultation and give advice on how to prepare the subject for shooting, and then we’ll choose the day and I’ll perform the shooting. Within 2 weeks, you get ready photos to publish to sites and print in magazines.

As you have learned, it is not a fast process. And, together with the villa’s preparation, it may take several days. Yes, one important factor is the preparation of the space of both the villa and the territory.

What you need to do for a better result:

  • – to make a qualitative cleaning of the home as for a sale (special attention to glass and mirrors, to any place where the dust is collected)
  • – to check all lamps, replace them if necessary
  • – to remove all personal effects including cleaning materials in the kitchen, trash cans, etc.
  • – to remove all wires
  • – to arrange jewelry and accessories, towels in bathrooms, etc.
  • – it`ll be a plus if you serve the table, buy fruit and a bottle of wine

PS don’t forget to put the drinking water into the fridge and refill the coffee machine with coffee beans. All of this will increase my effectiveness 😉

You can make a request and find out the cost of the real estate shooting on Koh Samui here.

At your service is a real estate photographer in Koh Samui, Thailand.