Wedding in Koh Samui, like all the wedding ceremonies is a special and magical moment in each couple’s life, it is a cheerful and happy holiday of love, which the newlyweds and their relatives expect for. Their wish to create an unusual atmosphere – light, lyrical, a little drive, permeated with triumph and kind emotions is explainable. Koh Samui is one of the newlyweds’ favorite places. This green island in Thailand is chosen by many couples. It will surprise all the guests with Thai hospitality, charming beach-sea and mountain landscapes, beautiful coconut groves.

It is very important to have a professional wedding photographer on Koh Samui in order to maintain the ceremony beauty and exclusivity. Pictures occupy a special place in each house, they will give an opportunity to remember all happy moments in years.

My acquaintance with Riya and Alex took place about a month before wedding. We started to communicate via email a month before the wedding, to be more precise, but met on the island a few days before the celebration. We discussed the main details and guys wishes by mail, then agreed a preliminary schedule and a meeting.

The tourist and wedding season in Koh Samui starts on January. My working schedule didn’t have enough free time and so I asked the guys to refuse from changing our meeting date and time despite their busyness. There were no difficulties (I love punctual people!). I love even more those clients who understand the result depends not on the photographer only. 🙂 During our communication, I knew the guys pretty well, learnt their priorities, desires and preferences. All this helped me get close to the result that Alex and Riya expected for.

The ceremony day came up. It took place in Villa Katrani. Its spacious, secluded area offers a magnificent Gulf of Thailand and amazing natural landscapes view. P.S. it can be added to the top 10 villas for a wedding on Koh Samui.

Riya was born in Thailand and Alex was born in America. According to the scenario, their wedding has been held while following the best European and Thai traditions, so the day was harder than usual. It’s rather hard to hold and shoot 2 ceremonies, as you know.

Villa Katrani exudes soothing refinement with stylish Moroccan touches in design and oriental minimalist decor, a mysterious, secluded setting is created in the garden. There are many open and shaded terraces on the territory, from which you can see the natural wonders of the world located nearby. Lawns, a patio with amazing neighboring islands views – all this was one of the best place to make an exclusive wedding photo shoot on Koh Samui. It is a pity I didn’t have an opportunity to shoot anywhere due to busy event schedule.
The first was an unforgettable Thai ceremony, later the European one was held. The photo shows the atmosphere of this holiday, happiness, good mood, of young family couple and their guests. I hope I managed to convey the whole day atmosphere. The luxurious dress beauty, live emotions everywhere, small details, including exquisite treats and make unforgettable photos of friends and girlfriends of the bride and groom. Guys had some free time after the 2nd ceremony and we took this opportunity to take a walk and a small photo shoot.

Later, after looking at the result, we together experienced a lot of pleasant emotions and memories connected with an unforgettable day in the newly married couple life. I wish they have long family life, happiness and try to preserve their boundless love which I saw in their eyes on the marriage day.


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