and not only for photo shoots – if you don’t want to spend a vacation on Ko Samui at the hotel, read the article until the end 😉

– What is this article for, in general? The whole Ko Samui island is unusual and beautiful. And everything can be found on the tourist map.

Not everything, in fact! For example, you won’t find the abandoned hotels on Ko Samui. Of course, I won’t reveal anything supernatural here, I’ll just tell you about some places that I liked for one reason or another. I’m sure that some of them will be interesting and useful to you.

Beaches on Ko Samui differ greatly, so you shouldn’t limit yourself to those located near the hotel. Good and well-equipped beaches of Ko Samui are located on the north and east of the island, but I won’t talk about them today.

Samrong Beach – 9.589050, 100.069786
is a quiet and cozy bay. Usually I don’t meet more than 5-10 people here, this is its main advantage. The beach leaves much to be desired as regard bathing, in some places there are stones and sometimes it takes too long to get to deep water. On the other hand, lying in warm water without waves will be just right, especially if you are with children. You have to go through the restaurant to get to the beach.

Nudist beaches on Ko Samui – 9.587043, 100.077315 and 9.581819, 99.965209

W Retreat beach – 9.572254, 100.017935 is located in the territory of W-Retreat Koh Samui hotel, it’s one of my favorite beaches! It combines everything you need, including: massage, palm trees, under which you can always hide from the scorching sun, lack of a large number of tourists, cleanliness – hotel staff constantly maintain it in perfect condition, view of Ko Pha-ngan and a cafe (at the hotel). The way to the beach lies through a steep hill, be careful!

Wild beaches on Ko Samui with a view of the sunset – 9.455440, 99.934752 and 9.441702, 99.934432 The beaches are rarely clean and their width during the tide may not exceed 2 meters, the beaches are surrounded by rocks and I would not consider them for a comfortable bathing. But I recommend walking and enjoying the sunset! The route is for the strongest. You arrive at any coordinates and go along the beach towards the other point. The distance between them is about 2.5 km. I recommend putting on comfortable shoes, you’ll have to climb the rocks.

Besides, I advise one more route for fans of climbing on the rocks, go here – 9.486906, 100.065932 and move in any direction. A walk of 2-4 kilometers is waiting for you, the exact distance depends on the tide and on you )

Piers on Ko Samui

Pier Intercontinental – 9.462201, 99.933081, it’s the pier with a beautiful view of the neighboring islands of Ko Samui. It’s good for sunset and diving. There is also a good restaurant on the beach, an average check is 1500 baht.

Bangrak pier – 9.564969, 100.061970, it is a working pier on Ko Samui. It is made of red bricks, which fit well with the setting sun. While being here, you’ll watch the planes landing right above you and enjoy the sunset.

Pier for a photo shoot on Ko Samui, an interesting wooden pier, with which one can have an interesting photo shoot, IMHO.

Dusit Dhewa – Samui Cultural Center – 9.507897, 99.938586 Many people arrange here a wedding photo shoot on Ko Samui. The center itself includes several different sites, one of which is home to peacocks. There is constantly something being repaired )

Waterfalls of Ko Samui, on the island there are 6 popular waterfalls (popular not according to standards of Bali 🙂 I would pay special attention to Hin Lat Waterfall – 9.500927, 99.974813 I should note right away that it’s not that high. I like the road to it and that the flow of tourists isn’t that large. At the foot of the waterfall, you can climb the path in 40-50 minutes, and you can climb the rocks for at least 1.5 hour. Wherever you go during the ascent, you will enjoy both nature and walking, if the word “climb” doesn’t scare you.
The highest waterfall on Ko Samui is Namuang 2 – 9.469913, 99.989689, its height reaches 80 meters, and it is the most popular among tourists. Be ready to queue for a photo with the waterfall ) PS you can get to it in just 10-15 minutes.

I recommend also visiting the Mountains on Ko Samui, there is a beautiful view! You can drive: – to Paradise Park 9.486297, 99.982678, on the way to it, there will also be sightseeing cafes and restaurants – along the Lamai-Maenam mountain road 9.515787, 100.031211, along the way you can also drive to the viewing platform and waterfall 9.522708, 100.015736 – to Jungle Сlub 9.498851, 100.047127, a cozy and romantic cafe on the mountain with a very beautiful view of Chaweng

Oh yes, for those who are interested in the abandoned hotels of Ko Samui, there are quite a lot of them! Further, there are a few spots, which I visited:

1 Tropical Hotel, Choeng Mon – 9.541531, 100.071397
2 Villa in the jungle, Lamai – 9.500572,100.044820
3 Hotel, Lamai – 9.461743, 100.040122
4 Villa on the beach, Hua Thanon – 9.425416, 100.016157

Well, this seems to be everything I remembered at the time of writing the article, I’ll answer your questions in the comments )