I have long wanted to visit it since my first visit, it was about 6 years ago.

My attitude to the cities is the same, but Singapore is an exception. It doesn’t have perpetual traffic jams, construction sites and dirt. The city is really unique!, Singapore has turned from a criminal, poor (without any natural resources) and corrupt Asian town to a fairy tale city after Lee Kuan Yew has become a Prime Minister!

You have an opportunity to learn the way it happened while reading a book “The Third World to First. The History of Singapore “

Yes, Singapore was mentioned as one in a dozen of corrupt, criminal and poor countries not so long ago. Today it is one of the most developed cities in the world, while having the same high living standard as his skyscrapers.

Someone from our company nicknamed it as a ghost town. We hardly met anyone on the streets of the city and in the metro during the rush hour (though it doesn’t have it)

The city reminded us of the chess board By its roads, such a simple decision.) The streets are empty, those wishing to get cars need to participate in tenders for obtaining a permit and, if successful, pay a total of about 300% of the vehicle value.

But all this is justified! The public transport level is the highest.

A public taxi with day/night rates, payment is carried out by the card depending on the kilometers amount. The underground reminds the museum after having visited our underground hell. Pure, quiet, deserted, comfortable. All the details and features have been successfully considered, even a blind person is able to move here without an assistant. And it’s not funny! By the way you have an opportunity to take the train and drive within the city for free. You pay for your trip while moving outside the city to the required station.

So, this city has lots of features to write about, but it’s time for me to run to the meeting;)

I’ll add I wanted to come back here because of the laser show which caused the emotions similar to the ones get from the Olympic Games opening (I have not visited them yet). It’s really amazing! I’ll also write about it.

Do you experienced such emotions, share them, how and where it was?