As previously promised, I disclose the show topic due to which I wanted to return here so much. And at the same time a few more places which visiting will contribute to your love to this city;)

Add the post to favorites (will be usefull) and let’s go!

1st day

We move to MarinaBaySands,. Here you can walk a lot in the garden in the afternoon and drink cocktails on the 56th floor in SkyBar with the city view. There will also be a terrace 360 and the coolest observation platform with the park and bay view. Therefore, even Ferris wheel can’t be compared to this bueautiful place. Shopaholics will find an occupation here at the first floors.

All this is just the start, everyone should visit this place by 8 pm. The first show which is projected on the fountain spray with an awesome video sequence and the same musical accompaniment takes place at this time! You can check it by “wonderfullshow in Singapore”

If the ambulance id not required here, we’ll continue to move! After experiencing amazing and unforgettable emotions, we move to the other side of the building. Then a night garden of artificial trees up to 50 meters high and the trees greeted with flowers and other greenery are waiting for you. Yes, the flowers inspire me less, but here is the other feature. All this green is highlighted in the evening and forms another avatar style. By the way I heard the idea for Avatar was taken here. Besides here are a laser show and a music track which are a worthy LSD  competitor (here I mean just a picture).

2nd day

Sentosa Island has a lot of interesting and just cool features. Here everyone will find something interesting. I’ll not write a lot about this place since you should just visit it to realize. Just take a card, read and choose! 

3d day

If you still wish, let’s turn on the crazytourist mode. Jump in a taxi and go to the zoo. This is the only zoo which visiting did not caused such emotions as feeling sorry for these poor animals and realizing the fact the zoo is not for me.

It has the highest level. It’s just a separate fairy-tale world!