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Hey Octav,

I just got all photos and I'm very happy !) You know that I have a lot of photo shoots in my professional life, so I glad say you that this pictures I added to the favorite folder! Tnx you for good time, mood and work of course 🙂
I hope to see you in the next my trip..

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After conversation with Octav we understood that he can showcase our fairy tale in perfect style, and some good friends recommended his also. He offered an awesome location for Love Story - Jungle, and helped us feel so at ease and comfortable in new for us country. In expectation of photos I was excited, but later my feelings were changed on delight, all photos were lovely! Thank you Octav for the wonderful result and tour on jungle!

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I very love Thailand and especially Koh Samui. This island is dream for many people who like nature, silence and village style of life, so I visit its twice in year. Once Octav has done for me one of the best photo shoots in my life, I began to look on photography with new foreshortening.

PS after the second shoot Octav has become a dear friend for me, he is awesome man!

reviews octavcado


Happy MAM

Dear Octav,

Thanks a lot for professional work, patience and the first wonderful photos our baby! I and all my family delighted with the result. Before we thought that Erica don't like be photographed )

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