I’ve long wanted to write something about TFP photoshoots and now I finally got it!

In my experience, there was a small amount of TFP shooting on Samui and if my memory does not fail me, I did just a couple of shoots for the girls who turned to me.
Alas, now many still do not understand why TFP differs from free shooting, but at the same time actively offer cooperation. As a result, everything ends with the time spent in the discussion stage. And it is for this reason that I usually do not respond to messages like: “Are you do TFP on Koh Samui?”, I regarded it as an ordinary desire to get something for free, not as a business proposition.

In general, I am certainly interested in TFP shooting, because for me they assume: the merging of creative people who are fully understanding each other; work with professional models; implementation of heavy shootings, which are not under the force of all; implementation of non-standard ideas that are not in demand; commercial interest in perspective and of course advertising ..
All this for me is more than enough to start to hold TFP photo shoots on Samui.

For our convenience and time saving please answer the following questions (see below) in your offer.
1 What dates will your vacation to Samui last?
2 where do you plan to stay (hotel/villa name)
3 Specify your options: height, weight..
4 Are you ready to spend money on the requisites for shooting? For example: rent a dress, car, hotel room…
5 If you have any ideas for shooting, please send me the description/examples
6 what clothes/props you have for fotosession
7 are you ready to pose in the genre nude
8 are you ready to share photos from my social media after their publications and note each other for mutual advertising
9 send the link on your prof. portfolio with indication of the year of shooting (preferably the last work)
10 any other information which you deem necessary;)

note, any shooting on the terms of TFP assumes:
– makeup services (3000 baht)
– signing of the release, its sample can be viewed here
– well spent time and good photos

I would like to say that I do not consider TFP in other forms.
Thank you for the detailed answer!

P.S.: I recommend that you always use this format for any cooperation. I sincerely wish you good luck in all your endeavors:)

I hope I have touched upon all aspects of this issue. Well, and if that, I will gladly answer you in the comments!