I will not deny that waiting for a result is always more painful than the event itself. Remember how you expected what you want to see ahead of time. But everything has its time. Especially when it comes to photography.

For those who still want to understand the reasons for such a long term, I wrote this article.

  • Sampling and processing of photography is always a high cost of attention and a result of time.
  • You still need to consider the status of the live queue and the seasonal work. Professional photographers on Samui are provided with a high flow in the season, which of course can affect the timing.
  •  Work is work, but there is also a personal life. Creative people who do not have a boss behind their backs, the more they do not close their eyes to rest.
  • It is therefore only time to be patient and to wait for the result of our meeting within the agreed deadline.

I also want to note that I do not have cases when I violate my terms, which are already small, on the contrary, I usually send photos earlier.

PS there is a service: “Urgent photo processing” Its term is 2-4 days. Cost: + 50% of the cost of the photosession.  Quality of processing equals quality of processing in standard time.