It is a relevant question for many people and I am talking not only about my potential clients right now. Once my friend asked me:

– Why do we need a photographer if we have modern smartphones with good cameras? I may just take a selfie myself or ask my husband to take a picture of me in front of the sea and that’s all!

It’s wonderful if your husband does not want to kill himself because of these requests and you can still smile naturally at the moment when he takes a photo. But anyway it would be a mistake to consider him a good replacement of a photographer!
Those people, who think that photos taken with the help of a smartphone don’t differ from photographers’ shoots, are definitely mistaken. These shots are taken without the expert view and with the help of an unprofessional camera. Well, if it is enough for you to post your photos in social media and never look at them again, the variant of taking selfies – is not the worst option. However, my clients have a different, more popular opinion on that. A photo has to stay in your memory for a long time and be a delight for your eye despite modern technologies. Photo shoots which you receive from your photographers not only reflect beautiful colors and represent interesting perspectives, but show your emotions, moments and places that will be so pleasant to think of after a long time because this is one of the most important tasks of photography in general!

A good photographer on Samui and in general is, first of all, a friend who will prompt how and where it is better to shoot, what to wear and what to take with you, how to behave in order to get lively and natural photos. Of course, sometimes friends are bad but we are not talking about it right now. By the phrase “a friend-photographer” I mean that his or her main function is making a good impression on clients. It is already a key to success by 60% and if a photographer manages to do it you may immediately relax and call him your friend because that will be the role which he will have during the shooting process.

Let’s return to the beginning of our article and ask the following question again:

– Why do we need a photographer?

You need a photographer to make all your memories preserve their former brilliance even when you get old as well as make them seem as fresh as they were long-long ago. You need a photographer to be able to show something to your children and preserve something for future generations as your moms and dads did. Also you need a photographer to be able to feel the atmosphere from the photos again and again while viewing their electronic as well as printed versions and feel as happy as you were at that time again!

So be reasonable) and understand that a Photographer is a real mediator who can help you travel to the past in your future!