Фотосессия в стиле ню. Для самых смелых и для магазинов белья.

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Фотосессия в стиле ню. Для самых смелых и для магазинов белья.

Этот жанр фотосъемки может казаться не простым и может вызывать противоречивые чувства, но для раскрепощенных девушек, желающих разнообразить свою коллекцию фото, такая съемка – идеальный вариант.

Я стараюсь всегда соблюдать ту тонкую грань, которая лежит между пошлостью и художественным искусством, поэтому на моих фото естественная красота женского тела всегда стоит на первом месте (если ваши пожелания не несут другой задачи).

Можно выбрать любой образ – смелый, игривый, романтичный, дерзкий, главное, чтобы он отражал вашу сущность. В этом случае всегда получаются реально крутые фотографии, способные соблазнять и вдохновлять.

Who is Putri Cinta?

Putri is an Indonesian model and actress born in 1996. She became famous for her stunning photos in the Nude style. She also starred for Playboy magazine. Putri from the first minute understands what the photographer wants from her, that is why most of the pictures with her are excellent. She is ready for any job, but especially great photos will turn out by shooting underwear. Putri Cinta sexy asian model has a magnificent figure, which allows you to show even the most candid lingerie from the best angle.

How we worked together

That’s the kind of shooting we did with her. As the main location I chose not beaches or hotels with beautiful infrastructure, but the unfinished building. Putri liked the idea and we went to create. That day I experimented a lot, looking for the best views, light. And Putri Cinta at this moment posed and created a working mood, which by the way in the pictures is not transmitted. As you can see in the finished photos, the model felt quite liberated.

The entire shooting lasted about three hours. During this time, we managed to shoot a lot of cool photos, for which a special thank to the model. When you work with professionals of this level, you have to quickly adjust to their rhythm. And Putri Cinta without any embarrassment embarked on shoot in-style “Nude”.


Information about Putri Cinta, as well as more examples of her work, you can see on the Internet with “putri cinta nude photos” request. In Instagram you can find her by writing nickname “putriwithlove”. As for me, you can leave a request for professional photo shoot. We will discuss all the opportunities for the best results.

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