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Фотограф Самуи, Панган, Тао. Таиланд.


Фотограф Самуи, Панган, Тао. Таиланд.



My name is Octav and I am originally from Saint-Petersburg, where I grew up and spent most of my life. I have always wanted to devote more time to traveling, meeting new people from different countries, and, of course, devoting time to my hobby, which is photography. In 2012, I decided to start making my dream come true and left my home city. Since then I’ve been traveling extensively, visiting a lot of beautiful and unforgettable places on Earth. In my journeys, I’ve always had my camera with me, which allowed me to a gain proficiency in photography.
So my hobby became my work, and I absolutely love my job and I appreciate the personal acquaintances I make, places I visit and pictures I take at every single photoshoot I do.
Right now, I live and work on Koh Samui. I’m glad to help people to capture fantastic instants of their lives during their holidays. I am an open-minded person and love to communicate freely with people that I work with, so that they feel comfortable to open up and have a fantastic photo session. This is exactly what I love to see in my pictures.

Koh Samui Photographer
Octav Cado

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