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Koh Samui Photographer

Are you planning to travel and you like beautiful photos in magazines and awesome video clips social media?
Welcome! Koh Samui photographer & videographer make impressions unforgettable by catching these wonderful moments in live and bright photos and video clips!

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Hi, my name's Octav
I provide Photo & Video services for any tasks!

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Koh Samui photographer for your memory shots

Time cannot be turned back. But can it be stopped? Theoretically, no, but somehow magically we will have time to catch fleeting seconds. He steal from the endless stream of time unforgettable moments and perpetuate them in the squares of photographs. The profession of the photographer seems to us simple and clear, but surely there is something unusual in it.

My name is Octav Cado and I live in Thailand from 2013 and know the island like a Homeland. So, I’m as a Koh Samui Photographer, can advice different locations for your shooting.

My speciality is photoshoots for those, who wants to make beautiful story of their vacation in Thailand. Today you have the opportunity to stop a perfect moment on one of the most beautiful island of this warm country. The main activity I lead to Samui, but ready to go further, because there are no boundaries for perfection.

Samui – it’s someone’s blue dream under the tall lush palm trees, well, or a strong desire. And photography is my passion. And when we work together with you on the same wavelength, it’s priceless.

Together we will discuss all the details of the photo session. I will listen to all your wishes and offer my options. The main task is to make everything as nobody had! So any, even the most bold ideas, are taken!

About Samui

Samui is white beaches, coconut palms, amazing rocks, Islands and islets, crazy parties, waterfalls and, of course, eternal summer. An important difference between Samui and other resorts in Thailand is the lack of large waves on the sea all year round. And the rainy season on the island is not as pronounced as in the whole of Thailand. This is the resort “bounty”, where you can endlessly enjoy the magnificent views of the virgin nature, blue sea and white sand.

Samui — the second largest island in Thailand after Phuket. It is located in the Gulf of Thailand and covers an area of about 230 square kilometers. The capital of Thailand, Bangkok, is about 700 km away. To get from Samui to the nearest point of the mainland to overcome about 40 kilometers on the waters of the Gulf of Thailand. But you can also go there by air.

There infrastructure of the island is perfect: you can find everything you need, even mall for shopping. If you choose a tour to Koh Samui, you make the right choice. It is worth to come as a couple in love in search of a romantic getaway, and families with children. Want Koh Samui wedding? Everything will be done for you for the good price.


The climate of Koh Samui compares favorably with the climate of other resorts in Thailand. It is quite difficult to get rainy season, that is why people come here all year round. It is important to note that the rest of Samui will be comfortable not only in winter but also in summer. The greatest amount of precipitation falls from October to December, but short showers at this time of year are unlikely to spoil your holiday. The average annual temperature in Samui — 30-31 °C, water — 27-29 °C.

The main feature of the island’s hotels is the close location of buildings or bungalows to the sea. In addition to the five-star hotels, offering a luxurious stay, you can even stay in a small house without water and electricity.

The latter option is suitable for those who want to plunge into the atmosphere of untouched nature.

Beaches for shooting Koh Samui

The clean beaches of Koh Samui are covered with white sand and surrounded by coconut palms. Just around the perimeter of the island there are more than 30 beaches. During your holiday, you can visit several beaches to get to know the island better.

The most beautiful beaches are located on the East coast, such as the famous Chaweng, the largest and busiest beach of the island and the center of tourist life. Tourists with children like Bang Po beach. If you are looking for privacy, go for surrounded by cliffs the desolate coast Taling Ngam beach.

Photographer Koh Phangan and Koh Tao

Koh Phangan, Thailand — the second largest island in the archipelago of Paradise Islands near the city of Surat Thani. At the same time Koh Phangan does not lag behind his older brother Samui and is known among fans of parties and “wintering”. The most famous party of the island — Full Moon Party held here as the name implies, every month on the full moon.

If you are a lover of secluded relaxation and paradise beaches, this island fits this description, but only in between the famous parties. So don’t forget to check the schedule pulmonate (Full Moon Party) before a visit here with the family (children).

Turtle island (or Koh Tao) is located in the Gulf of Thailand, closer to the Northern part of Koh Samui. This name of the island acquired due to its shape, which resembles a floating turtle. The name is also associated with a large number of turtles that came here to breed.

This is one of the most beautiful places for recreation and diving. In addition, this is one of the untouched places on earth, the infrastructure is just beginning to develop. Most of the attractions of the island are natural sites. Koh Tao wedding photos will be the most impressive and unforgettable.

The landscape is able to impress even the most demanding and biased tourist. After all, it is a mountainous area. Only 30 percent of the land has a pronounced flat area covered with shrubs. Koh Tao weather is the same on Samui or Phangan.

Make your memory with Koh Samui photographer

Wedding or family photo shoot on Koh Samui is a bright, tropical photos and unique memories that will help you to keep the photographer in your photos. I’ll make your photo shoot and rest in any corner of the island comfortable and unforgettable. All the best places for a photo shoot are waiting for you!

Best Wishes
Koh Samui Photographer