Valentina Grishko and Yulchikbb. Lingerie photography.

Octav Cado

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Valentina Grishko and Yulchikbb. Lingerie photography

When it comes to a brand advertising, you can’t do anything without professional services. Therefore, it is important always to have on hand the contacts of photographer and models, that will help you to translate all your ideas into reality. Thus, models Valentina Grishko and Julia participated in the photo shooting of lingerie and showed excellent results.

Professional photoshoot of lingerie & clothes for brands, magazines, models and bloggers in luxury villas and exotic places.

How the lingerie photo shoot was done

An important factor in selecting place for photography was that it should fit the style of the lingerie collection. Also there must be all necessary facilities for models preparation. Valentina Grishko & Julia coped with this question without my participation. I’m sure that the result speaks for itself.

Model Valentina Grishko & Julia -Yulchikbb

As for the girls, their appearance and experience made the photo shoot comfortable, and the result is even better than I expected. The fact is that at the last moment the shooting time was shifted. So the light was not good for shooting. Anyway, there were difficulties, but we certainly did everything possible for the best result. Models Valentina Grishko and Julia @Yulchikbb quickly entered their role, for what they are special thanks.

During the work with the girls there was formed a pleasant atmosphere, which is important, especially when it comes to photographing underwear. At the previous meeting, we discussed the details and wishes for the result. Also, the girls prepared a few photos of examples, so the understanding of what they wanted to see on the pictures arose immediately.

And despite the fact that we started later, the photo shoot ended on time. That is why it is necessary to choose only professionals for such work. This applies to both – models and photographer.


I am open for work with completely different projects with both professional models and not. Everything will depend on your goals and budget. Just write or call me and tell what you want to see in the pictures. We will discuss all the nuances with you and start working together.

Professional photoshoot of lingerie & clothes for brands & magazines with popular bloggers and models like Valentina Grishko in luxury villas and exotic places.

Shooting for the catalog – Bikini ,exotic place.
Shooting for the magazine with – Stylist
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