Fashion photographer Bangkok for your urban photo shoot

Octav Cado

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Fashion photographer Bangkok for your urban photo shoot

Photos with white sand, blue sea and coconut palms are definitely the TOP of our time. However, industrial views and street photography also looks very stylish and modern. People think that only New York, Los Angeles, Moscow or other major cities are suitable for such purposes. But do not forget that Bangkok is also the capital and boasts the most incredible street views. So give a call to me – fashion photographer Bangkok, and get perfect photos in the capital of the Thailand!

For whom fashion photographer Bangkok is suitable?

First, it is necessary to answer the main question: who may need a street photography Bangkok ? First of all, the capital of Thailand will be the ideal location for photographing clothes, street brands. If you have long wanted to create a fashion catalog in the style of street fashion, Bangkok is the perfect place. Its endless streets, tall buildings, bridges will be a great inspiration for finding the best background.

Where is a photo shoot can be?

Also in Bangkok, you can create a series of street photos for the Bangkok models portfolio. Especially convenient is that you can always find a place to relax from the scorching sun in one of the cafes or hotels. Also there are beautiful parks with lots of exotic vegetation.

Also in Bangkok there is a Chinese quarter. It conveys the atmosphere of China with its shops, street food and crazy market that seemingly has no end.

Of course not only business needs this kind of photos. Also tourists can order portrait fashion photographer Bangkok for memory shoots.

Order fashion photographer Bangkok right now!

I am ready to do for you an individual Bangkok street photography by appointment. Since I spend most of my activities on the Islands, it is necessary to agree in advance on a certain date and time.

If at the appointed time I do not plan to be in the capital of the country, the minimum order for a photo shoot should be at least $ 500.

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