Best Prices for photo session on Koh Samui and Koh Phangan

Octav Cado

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Main prices for all types of shootings

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฿ 5000
1 hour
1 location
Online access at gallery within 30 Days
2 years backup
฿ 9000
2 hours
1-2 locations
Online access at gallery within 30 Days
2 years backup
฿ 13000
3 hours
1-3 locations
Online access at gallery within 30 Days
2 years backup
฿ 18000
All day (not for weddings)*
∞ locations
Online access at gallery within 30 Days
2 years backup

Prices for additional services & conditions.

  • Makeup & Hairstyle from 3500 Baht
  • Transfer from 1500 Baht
  • Dresses for rent from 1800 Baht
  • Cabriolet for shooting from 4000 Baht.
  • Yacht and Catamaran from 14000 Baht.
  • Romantic dinner on the beach from 5000 Baht
  • Each extra photo – 100 Baht
  • Price is indicated taking into account a 50% discount in exchange for your consent to use photos in the portfolio

Shooting conditions

  1. It is better to book in advance. Only in this case I can give you 100% guarantee that I will be free and available for shooting.
  2. I use photos for my portfolio here and in social media (no commercial goals). The cost of shooting in the complete privacy is increased by 30%.
  3. You get about 20 edited photos per each hour. Total quantity of photos depend on theme of shooting, tasks and our result.
    If you want to choose photos for edit yourself or extra photos, you should to get confirmation before shooting. Extra edit: 1 photo – 100 baht
  4. Full payment occurs in the day of photoshoot.
  5. Once the photographs have been taken you will receive them within 10 – 20 days, via google drive. Easy for download, instructions included.
  6. You can use the additional service: special photo processing – for 3-5 days. Price: + 30% of the photo shoot. The quality of work is equivalent to the quality standard.


A good result depends on both photographer and you. Please, check out the following for an optimal outcome:

  • The best day for a photo session is during the first half of your trip, during the morning or before sunset.
  • Try to not get burned, mind that the sun in Thailand is very strong.
  • Take the accessories you like with you, they are important: sunglasses, umbrella and so on.
  • Take wet wipes and water with you.
  • It is advisable to not consume any alcohol for one day before the photo shooting and to sleep very well. It dramatically affects the photos.
  • For women, if you don’t want to involve a styling artist, please take care of your hair-style and make up in advance. Be sparing, as it may smear mind the heat in Thailand.

WhatsApp +79811986896
Write to email [email protected]