Koh Samui real estate photographer for successful advertising

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Koh Samui real estate photographer for successful advertising

The role of advertising in our days is difficult to overestimate. It attacks people from all sides: from TV screens and the computer, from advertising stands and signs on the street. That is why it is so important to find good Koh Samui real estate photographer and presents business to the client in the best way.

The purpose of advertising is to present business, product or services in a favourable light. First of all it is about real estate, cafes, restaurants and other business which provide services on the island.

Presentation & Advertising

Interiors & Exteriors

Main prices for interior & exterior shootings:


Start price – 10000 baht. 2 hours
Each extra hour – 4000 baht
Full day shooting – 25000 baht
+ aerial photography – 5000 baht


Start price – 14000 baht. 2 hours
Each extra hour – 4000 baht
Full day shooting – 30000 baht
+ aerial videography – 5000 baht

Get prices for big projects, presentations and advertisements of business: WhatsApp +7(981)198-68-96;  Email – [email protected]

What is shooting the interiors for?

Successful owners of cafes, restaurants, hotels, villas and apartments often order professional photographers for interior shooting. Another words, this is a kind of advertising photography. To make someone visit a particular restaurant or stay in a particular hotel, first of all you need them to like your interior. Then, looking at a good photo of it, a potential guest presents himself in it and looks forward to come to your place.

That is why interior photography covers a variety of objects: Koh Samui property for sale or rent, apartments, hotels, restaurants and cafes. The photographer aims to accurately convey the atmosphere of the room, its uniqueness and warmth.

 The main goals of Koh Samui real estate photographer

The purpose of creating interior photos of Koh Samui real estate is usually using them in different kind of advertising:

  • demonstration of commercial premises (restaurants, hotels, fitness clubs);
  • printed material;
  • contextual advertising;
  • portfolio of specialists (architects, designers, builders);
  • presentations, etc.

First of all, high-quality photos distinguish you from the crowded online environment, attract and keep customers on the site. Also, professional photos help to make a positive first impression and increase confidence in you and your business. It works in all areas – from private property sales to a chain of restaurants.

The features of interior shooting on Koh Samui

Shooting the interiors – is not an easy task. That’s why the photographer first must understand the target customer and must consider its requirements. Then say: what you need to show? A non-standard solution of the architect? Or perfectly matched colours? Or maybe important details – solid furniture, unusual accessories…

So, the answer to this question determines the plot of the photo, its composition. Therefore, it is important not to make a mistake with the choice of a professional Koh Samui property photographer who knows a lot about this case.

Koh Samui interior photographer always goes to the customer. That is why photographer has to take with him all necessary equipment: a digital camera, a tripod, lighting, light diffusers. The proper selection of the equipment depends directly on the quality of the shooting.

Interior photography is for to show not only the beauty of the room and individual items in it, but also the functionality of the interior. It is also will help someone to decide about making Samui property investments. The first impression of the viewer looking at the photo should be admiration – “What beauty!”. Then, mentally delving into the interior, he says to himself: “I want to go there!”.

How long does it take

Depending on the specific object, the optimal time for Koh Samui real estate photography is different. Some apartments are looking better with natural light, when they are most illuminated by the sun. Others look good in the evening with indoor lighting. Sometimes it may make sense to hold two photo sessions: one in the evening, other in the afternoon. Thus, it is possible to show the interior under different lighting conditions. Also to show the view from the windows of the night city (if any).

The time spent on photography is usually 4-6 hours per day. Public objects – restaurants, hotels – are photographed strictly in the allotted time. But private houses can be shooted within a few days, choosing the most favourable angles and scenes.

Preparation real estate for photoshoot

What you need to do for a better result:

– to make a qualitative cleaning of the home as for a sale (special attention to glass and mirrors, to any place where the dust is collected)
– to check all lamps, replace them if necessary
– to remove all personal effects including cleaning materials in the kitchen, trash cans, etc.
– to remove all wires
– to arrange jewelry and accessories, towels in bathrooms, etc.
– it`ll be a plus if you serve the table, buy fruit and a bottle of wine

Choose Koh Samui real estate photographer for good price!

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