Top questions about photo shootings in Thailand. Help center.

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Top questions about photo shootings in Thailand. Help center.

Do you cooperate on a permanent basis?
Yes, I am glad to cooperate with both local agencies and brands/ stores located abroad.
Are you open for photography of corporate parties and other events?
Yes, one of shooting you can look here
Can you help with organizing a wedding in Thailand?
I don’t participate in the organization, but I can share the contacts of my colleagues (Wedding agencies) with whom I work.
When and how will I get my photos?
You will receive photos within 15 days using Google Drive.
What part of my vacation is better for shooting?
In the first half or middle of the vacation. Here is why:
– you are in a state of “wow”, fresh, cheerful as possible. And this is what we need!
– you will not have time to burn and get tired of our hot weather
– in case of bad weather and any other situations, we will have time to postpone the shooting. Unfortunately, force majeure on Koh Samui is not a rare phenomenon.
– while shooting I tell you everything you want about the island and give numbers of places to visit
How can I book a shoot day?
This is a good question, because only in this case I will be available to you for shooting with 100% guarantee. The reservation requires a deposit of 20 USD via PayPal or Bank transfer.
Do you go to other districts for photo shoots?
Yes, but I add my travel expenses to the cost of the photo shoot. Some areas may also include a minimum shooting time of 3 hours or more.
Can I select a photo?
Yes, but warn me about this before or at the time of shooting.
Who will choose locations for photoshoot on Koh Samui?
Depends on your wishes.
I live here for a long time and always have something to recommend, but the final decision will be yours.
Does the photo shoot time include the road between locations?
No. Travel time is not taken into account. The minimum time per location is 1 hour. This rule applies only to shooting up to 3 hours inclusive.
How does the number of people affect the cost of your services?
The cost is fixed. But for a large number of people, the optimal shooting time will be 2-3 hours.
Do you provide a large size photo for printing or just for Web use?
I provide both formats: Web resolution 1600px on the long side, printing resolution 6000px on the long side.
What if the weather is bad?
If it rains, we’ll just reschedule the shoot. But as my practice shows this is a rare phenomenon on Koh Samui.
How much does a wedding photoshoot cost?
The cost is calculated based on the total working time. Send a request.
Will you publish my photos?
Quite possibly, in my social networks. It is not intended for commercial use. The cost of a photo session with full confidentiality is more expensive by 30%.
What kind of additional services do you have?
Here is what I offer:
  • Makeup & Hairstyle
  • Transfer
  • Dresses for rent
  • Cabriolet for shooting
  • Yacht and Catamaran
  • Romantic dinner


Do you have aerial photography?
Yes, I do.
Are you working alone or with a team?
In the case when it is necessary I work with my colleagues. For large events, I always offer the services of a 2nd photographer/ videographer.
Do you work with real estate?
Yes, sure. Full info is available here.

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