Samui Yacht charter. Rental, Video & Photo shootings

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Samui Yacht charter. Rental, Video & Photo shootings

It’s article about one of my photo shootings on private yacht Samui. But if you are looking just Yacht for rent, I also can help you with contact one of the best Samui yacht. Honeymoon, travel around islands and more other.

Samui Yacht photoshoot –

is something amazing and always different. Each one differs from each other by both the light and nice color. Schemes and unique atmosphere, azure water, an opportunity to observe beautiful scenery, planes, and of course the sunset.

I like such photoshoots because people behave much calmer and more liberated when being surrounded by all this splendor with the waves sound and a light tropical breeze which gives me the opportunity to catch their pensive faces, laughter and smiles.

This photoshoot on a yacht was remembered by a light and cheerful conversation with the guys. All my ideas regarding the storyline were accepted with enthusiastic, even more – several ideas were offered by the guys and the captain!

It was uncomfortable, but fun and interesting to work on a sailing yacht from a height. The space was almost absent, but I had to suffer a bit in order to get a multidimensional result.

For the same reason, I usually use a motor boat together with the captain for making general pictures which cover the whole yacht from the side. I’m sure each traveler dreams to get such pictures!

As a result, I managed to display the sense of freedom, ease and simplicity which are given by tropical water gives.

Samui Yacht. For get contacts of this yacht you can write me here

And we have special package – PHOTO SHOOT ON SAMUI YACHT, it include itself:

  • Photography / Videography services
  • Seafood lunch by Italian chef
  • Snack, Fruit, Coconut
  • Soft drink
  • Champagne, Beer & Wine Open Bar
  • IPad Pro Bluetooth speaker, Internet access

Get full details about Samui Yacht Package here.

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