Koh Samui waterfall – description, coordinates, photography

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Koh Samui waterfall – description, coordinates, photography

Blue water, clear sky, golden sand… this is probably the most popular image of a photoshoot in Thailand. But this is not the only limit to the nature of this exotic country. In addition to beach views, there is one more great attraction – Koh Samui waterfall. There are several large and small waterfalls, which can become an ideal place for your professional photo shoot.

Yes, I offer you to visit the waterfall of Koh Samui for making a photoshoot next to it. I have lived on the island since 2013 and know its main attractions, including natural ones. Therefore, I will offer you interesting places with beautiful waterfalls in jungle, so that you can enjoy the beauty of Koh Samui.

Best waterfall on Koh Samui

Koh Samui Waterfall Namuang  # 1

  • Height: 18 meters
  • Google: 9.466431, 99.983930
  • Features: a tourist destination, so you can only take a swimsuit with you.

Namuang #2

  • Height: 80 meters
  • Google: 9.472752, 99.989963
  • Features: tourists are also here, a lot. You can climb higher and higher to see another waterfall, but you should be prepared – the road is quite difficult.

Koh Samui Waterfall Khun Si

  • Height: small
  • Google: 9.523052,100.015401
  • Features: almost no one is there. Although the waterfall is small, a deep font was formed under it, there you can swim. The road to the waterfall passes through a durian plantation.

Koh Samui Waterfall Hin Lad

  • Google: 9.520894,99.955502
  • Features: trekking through the jungle. It is better to get out in the morning. The path is beautiful, but it may seem difficult. The waterfall has several levels.

Secret Waterfall

  • Google: 9.5385,99.9910
  • Features: very beautiful waterfall in a secluded location. It takes time and effort to get there.

HOU Yai Waterfall

  • Google: 9.466333,100.002966
  • Features: very spectacular place. You can only get there on foot, but because of this, there is almost no one.

Remember, that the beauty of the waterfall depends on the rains and seasons. So, before you go there, check with the locals about the best time to visit. And if you have planned a photoshoot with me, don’t worry – I know all about local waterfalls and we will go to the best of them.

How is the photo session will be done?

After your request, I will call you to find out your main goals. Since I have several options, we will choose the best one together. Most of the waterfalls are located far from the center and you need to go to the first by car, and then climb on foot. Therefore, after finding out your capabilities, I will offer you the options that are ideal for your needs.

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