Phuket Photographers. Phuket Wedding Photographers

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Phuket Photographers. Phuket Wedding Photographers

You will certainly prefer to spend your photoshoot with the best or at least a good Phuket photographers while going to order a photoshoot in Phuket.
I often hear during the shooting process how much difficult is finding and choosing the photographer’s services in both Phuket and any tourist and unfamiliar place. I want to provide you with some recommendations based on my experience and vision which will both simplify and help you to make the right choice.

Phuket Photographers

Local Photographers are really talented masters. They cover all the popular shooting genres from exotic walks through the jungle to a romantic evening in a restaurant, from beach relaxation to stylish shooting surrounded by your villa interior. Of course, they are more familiar with the island and its specifics.

So, what is the way to choose a photographer in Thailand and any other unfamiliar country?

Photography is an art. Good photographer approaches the process with a soul. Therefore, appreciate a photographer’s work, shooting and photo processing style before choosing certain one. Each photographer has portfolio. Trust your eyes and taste while avoiding «beautiful» descriptions and tempting prices!

Here is the minimum terms I would recommend to adhere to:

  • 2-hour shooting;
  • Cost: $250 – $600;
  • Photos amount: from 20 to 60 pcs.

First of all, see portfolio and then the cost and terms ?

Photos prices and quantity…

I will focus on 2-hour shooting which is one of the most popular. I recommend this time period as a minimum; one of the main photographer’s tasks is to endear you to himself, let you to feel comfortably during the shooting and get live pictures with natural emotions as a result. This requires certain time. Hourly shooting is not enough for having comfortable work and getting high-quality results.

I will mention just the main reasons, not all:

The price equal to $200 and lower should alert you.

I would not advise you to compare prices with the specialists’ work cost in other countries since Phuket photographers evaluate their work based on the cost of living in Thailand, but not your country. In addition, local photographers are well aware of the way, place and time is it better to make a photoshoot in Phuket. Professional equipment cost is rather high and this is one more answer to the reason high-quality shooting can’t cost $200 or lower. The cost is indicated for the shooting time. But there is also a photo processing including professional processing which takes much longer than it might seem.

Photos amount.

Do not pay attention to it since quality is the main thing! If the photographer, whose style you like, makes 15 photos for shooting (but not 100 as someone indicates in promotion), this does not mean you should choose the offer with a discount. My advice for you id to avoid such discounts as well as a large photos amount except for the cases when you need a wedding photographer.

There are some exceptions, but not so much important to mention them. I’m sure saving of $50-100 is not worth the risk of getting photos you don’t want to share with your friends. Unfortunately, I often hear such stories.

Keep in mind neither rewards nor high price will guarantee getting the desired result if you order a photoshoot in another photographer’s style. Be ready to get a refusal from self-respecting photographer since this is normal in most cases! This is your mistake to order a photoshoot of the photographer whose style you don’t like. It should be avoided whenever possible.

That’s all at the moment. I will present Phuket photographers portfolio I like most of all soon as well as add their contact details!

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