Whatever nice a place you live in is, from time to time you still want to leave it so did I when I got enough of Samui and went to Phuket in search of new impressions and picturesque landscapes.
The interesting island of amazing beauty really impressed me, of course, there were some drawbacks, but I decided to write about the opposite )

As usual I wanted to go everywhere, find as many unique places as possible and try my new bike 😉 But I started with popular locations such as the Big Buddha on the Nakaked mountain, offering fascinating panoramic views of the entire island. Boat Lagoon a less popular place but it has a special atmosphere – a number of different boats and yachts are located here, and here in the evening after the sunset you can go to the night market (it works once a week), and see the true value of all the delicacies that are offered by local merchants. On the counters, as is usual in Thailand, there is always a huge variety of exotic dishes whose intoxicating aromas fill the air and do not let you pass by!
And most of the time I spent in quiet and peaceful places where you will hardly meet a tourist – that’s what I love about travelling. For the most part they were waterfalls, beaches and mountain roads that few tourists know.
To summarize it all, the large and wide (after Samui) white sand beaches, the landscapes – especially those that open in the mountains – really made my day. And of course, new acquaintances and a change of scenery, which is always good, too! This is what I wish you 😉